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Our Story

The potential that is V2 was realised by two healthcare professionals in 2011 after trying for years their level best to themselves quit and more importantly make their family members stop smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. This was especially crucial with Malaysia having cigarettes with the highest levels of nicotine and tar in the world. After trying all available alternatives, including the most expensive electronic cigarettes, vapes, nicotine gums and patches, one of the founding partners, Mr. Giri decided to go for it and buy the best from the U.S. directly for his father. The rest, as they say, was history. In just 24 hours, cigarette consumption dropped from 20 sticks to 2 sticks per day, energy levels improved after a few weeks and the decade's old stench in the house, car and his breath disappeared. It simply changed all our lives for the better and we hope it happens to you too. Join our more than 10, 000 strong community today!