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Dealers Wanted

Our company, EGP Trading, the sole importer and distributor for V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes in Malaysia would like to send you the warmest and honest regards in this year of 2012.

V2 Cigs is the most advanced electronic cigarette in the world, now available in nearly 30 countries worldwide and has achieved the No.1 spot globally in terms of popularity for 2 years consecutively (

In Malaysia, we are looking to increase our penetration to all states and hence are taking very small profits from our dealers. This is why we are offering one of the highest profit margins in the electronic sector where net profit can peak in the ranges of RM8000 to RM15000 monthly (figure is based on current dealer network sales reports) depending on your performance and order size. More details when dealer application form is filled below.

V2 Cigs simulates smoking so well that nearly 70% of our customers either reduce or stop smoking! Compared to other stop smoking methods, such as nicotine patches and drugs like Champix success rates of only 10%, we are a lot more effective. Our thick vapor (smoke), great taste, lifetime warranty, extra long life batteries and advanced electronics are our winning formula!

Since 2006 to 2010, the total number of smokers in Malaysia has increased from 21% to 31% and it keeps on increasing year on year. EGP Trading began importing V2 Cigs in 2011 and sales has been extraordinary. We have numerous clinics, pharmacies and other retailers carrying our products in Perak, Selangor, KL, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and Johor Bahru currently.

Outside of Malaysia, especially in USA and Europe, electronic cigarettes are replacing tobacco cigarettes just like how Smart Phones are replacing normal hand phones these days. And V2 Cigs is at the forefront of this being the only electronic cigarette in the world to be approved by a credible health board (Ministry of Health, Germany). In countries like New Zealand, electronic cigarettes are prescribed by doctors.

Nicotine is highly addictive, but is just as safe as caffeine in coffee. It is the TAR, carbon monoxide, 4000 unidentified chemicals, 80 cancer causing chemical, smoke and paper burn that causes diseases such as cancer and acute lung disorders to smokers. V2 Cigs only has pure nicotine, WHO permitted flavourings, and Propylene Glycol (used in asthma inhalers) to simulate smoke. Super Safe!

You can compare V2 Cigs to regular cigarettes and also to other electronic cigarettes here

We are currently expanding our business to all other states. As you would expect, we are facing trouble keeping up with demand, and hope more dealers nationwide means more people served :) For other product information, you can visit our products page.

The legal processing fee to become our dealer is RM88 and some stock cost will vary according to the Tiers you belong to. Minimum order is only RM500. Once the upfront dealership fee has been paid, and in order to maximize your profits, each Dealer will receive a heavily subsidized business aid of:

  • 1 x flavour sampler (Cartridges containing flavours and strengths provided by EGP Trading)
  • 10 x Sanitary Testing Tips
  • 1 x V2 Standard Battery
  • 1 x V2 Charging Kit
  • 20 x High End Brochures
  • Posters are available but subject to availability

Our V2 Complete Starter Kit contains:

  1. 2 x V2 Extra Long Life batteries (3-5 x stronger than our nearest competitor in Malaysia) (Combined battery life up to 8 days)
  2. 10 x V2 Cartridge Refills (which you can choose from the 9 flavours available, maximum 4 combinations)
  3. V2 USB Intelligent Charger (smart cut-off to prevent over charging)
  4. V2 Intelligent A/C Wall Adapter (smart cut-off to prevent over charging)
  5. A detailed User Manual
  6. A Premium V2 Softcase

The Minimum Retail Price (MRP) of the V2 Complete Starter Kit for all our Dealers is RM350. The NEW V2 Budget Kit retails at RM148.

Stop thinking and write the form below for us to contact you about one of the profitable business ventures you will ever see in this over competitive world!

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