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Designed for our clients who want a slim and easily concealable pharmaceutical-grade ecig, the Pro Series 3 is perfect for medium to heavy smokers who want an ecig that produces realistic amounts of vapour that tastes and feels just like the real thing. Coupled with a strong 650mAh battery, once filled up with your favourite Platinum E-liquid, you can smoke the Pro Series 3 all-day long before requiring charging. The revolutionary magnetic liquid cartridge minimises leakage and makes filling up a breeze. There is nothing quite like Series 3 in Malaysia!

Product Description

  • One of the most affordable Ecig kits on the market, the Pro Series 3 Ecig Kit and the Platinum E-Liquid will not just reduce your smoking bills by 50%, but also reduces the harm from years of exposure to dirty tobacco smoke.
  • A premium electronic cigarette which is almost the size of your pen, it is extremely popular with working professionals who want a discrete pharmaceutical-grade device that still does the job well.
  • We designed it to be so user friendly that even a beginner can start using it right out of the box. There is no messy coil and cotton maintenance as in the local vape products that may take many hours a week to perform.
  • Like the Pro Series 7, the Series 3 comes with a maintenance-free use and throw refillable e-liquid cartridge. You do not need to spend hours of your precious time to do daily messy coil and cotton changes that is needed for the local vape products.
  • The Pro Series 3 battery will last you a whole day if you used to smokes less than a pack a day, and worry not, even if the battery runs out of charge, you can still use the Ecig while it is getting charged just like the Pro Series 7.
  • You can enhance your purchase above by adding more Platinum E-Liquids and Pro Series 3 E-Liquid cartridge. 1ml roughly equates to 13 sticks of tobacco cigarette.
  • Write a note to us during checkout for any Special Requests and we will contact you to confirm the request before fulfilling your Pro Series 3 Ecig order.
  • For a better understanding on the costs associated with using our Ecigs, kindly click here to use our accurate Savings Calculator.



The Pro Series 3 Ecig Kit includes:

  • 1 unit Pro Series 3 Battery: 650mAh lithium-ion battery with a fixed 4.2V output. Lasts a full day for a pack a day smoker giving up to 600 puffs (each puff lasting 2 seconds).
  • 1 unit 1.6ml Magnetic Liquid Cartridge: This revolutionary product makes our Ecig system stand worlds apart from the rest, as it allow you to enjoy the best tasting e-liquids in the world, without leakages and NO mess coil or cotton maintenance. Refill and use up to 20 times, then simply throw the cartridge away and use a new one. Attaches magnetically and gives a record 1250 2-second puffs per refill.
  • 1 unit Magnetic USB Charger: One of the coolest smart chargers on the market, it magnetically connects to the tip of your Pro Series 3 vape batter and plugs into any compatible USB port.
  • 1 unit Pro Wall Adapter: Quickly charge your Pro Series 3 with this plug.


Introducing the Pro Series 3 Ecig Kit

Additional Information

  • Our Platinum E-Liquid are not just pharmaceutical-grade in safety standards, but also great tasting and we surely have the flavour most suited for your cigarette brand and taste buds.
  • Our popular flavours are Red (Strong Tobacco), Congress (Classic Tobacco), Menthol (Classic Menthol), Mint Tea (Strong Icy Coolness), and Grape (Rich & Delicious Fruitiness).
  • Your Pro Series 3 Ecig is made up of a Battery, a refillable E-liquid cartridge and of course, the Platinum E-liquid of your choice.
  • This E-liquid consists of water, safe for human consumption flavourings and propylene glycol which is used in asthma inhalers.
  • When you buy our Platinum E-Liquids, you can request for a detailed lab report done on your exact bottle to confirm the absence of dangerous poisons found in cheaper products. Click here for more details.
  • By investing in your Pro Series 3, you will receive an electronic cigarette that gives the best battery life possible for its small size factor.
  • To use your e-cig, simply screw a Liquid Cartridge on to the end of the battery, fill it up with the Platinum E-liquid flavour of your choice, press the button and puff on it like you would a normal cigarette. The heating element will activate and produce inhalable vapour.
  • You will need to recharge your Pro Series ecig battery when the perimeter LED lights begin a set of white coloured double blinks that dim off gradually.
  • When the Pro Series 3 ecig battery is charging, you will see the perimeter LED lights intermittently glow red; turning green when the Series 3 is fully charged.


Tip: What flavors and strengths should you choose?

It’s important to find the right combination of flavors and strengths when you first begin using the Pro Series 3 Ecig. We suggest starting with a low strength first and only then to a full strength depending on your cigarette brand. Many people find the full flavor E-Liquids to be too strong to start off with.

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Thank you GOD for this!

    What can I say? I can t stop raving about this product. 20 pack a day smoker, now ZERO. The caring pharmacists who run this show even want me stop the S3! So not profit driven like the others!
    It tastes awesome, i used to smoke mild seven. Congress tastes awesome! Still using it a lot daily but I hope one day can quit the S3 too. Thanks guys!

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Great for First timers!

    I’m one chronic smoker of Marlboro red. Two weeks back i just thought that i should TRY to quit smoking with no hopes in it. As usual after all my research i ordered my 1st S3 and just got through my 1st week with it and you know what?! I’m still going strong without my Marlboro Red. Great creation and moderate pricing. Its Zero maintenance is huge hit point. Use and throw cartridges are the best thing i would say. I would definitely recommend it...

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    The concept and Engineering – Premier!

    The S3 is indestructible! Its made of solid metal And the cartridges fit inside the metal body so they are protected...the quality of this website's E-Liquid with S3 is optimum. Convenient, Portable,sleek and low profile which helps me to use it even when im in my Office. One drawback is that the black colour metal looks nice when its new but slowly the scratches becomes too obvious and the steel part becomes visible. Otherwise its a BOMB!

    By on

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Fallen in love with youuuu! ( Mean the Pro Series 3)

    Perfectly made design. So handy and very easy to travel with. Simple Procedures to follow. Easy on the chest and the throat hit is just nice which makes it a fantastic Alternative. Even if the battery is drained with just few mins of charging its ready to do its job again that too while getting charged! It's a well built product with minor flaws i would say. I just felt that the drag is quite tight then again it might be featured that way to give smoking effect(not sure though).And the cartridge cap came off when i dropped it once(technically my fault).Having said that Series 3 is very perfectly Round in design that it might be suicidal when u accidentally leave it somewhere cause it just loves to roll off and fall.So overall this product is fantastic just that have to be a little bit careful when we place it somewhere...i use a pen holder for it la....Hehe....

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Simple but Effective...

    I’ve been using S3 for couple of days, i would like to say several things about this device.
    -Goes easy on the throat and chest, which makes it an fantastic alternative.
    -Long lasting battery life, lasts me 2-3 days.
    -Easy to Charge with the magnetic charger and also pass-through charging facility
    Which is rarely available in E-Cigs.
    -Well made and Long-Lasting Body.
    -Simple Intructions to follow and its completely user-friendly.

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