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For the heavy smoker who used to spend RM500-1000 a month on tobacco, this heavy-duty electronic cigarette will easily satisfy your cravings as it allows you to adjust the temperature and voltage that will change the vapour thickness to suit your personal requirement. The Pro Series 7 has triple the battery life of the Pro Series 3 and at a fraction of the cost of your Dunhill and Marlboro, lets you enjoy the full satisfaction of smoking minus all the TAR and cancer-causing chemicals present in tobacco.

Product Description

  • Unlike competing brands, the Pro Series 7 produces thick clouds of vapour without needing to be the size and weight of a brick. It actually fits snug in your pocket and is very light for its high performance levels.
  • The Malaysian electronic cigarette community loves the cheap, user friendly and maintenance free “use and throw” Pro Series 7 Liquid Cartridges. They are leak-free and you do not need to waste hours a week to change the messy old cottons and coils like in the local vape products. Your monthly Platinum E-liquid and Pro
  • Series 7 Liquid Cartridge cost will still be 50% cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.
  • If you are worried that your already extra-long life ecig battery might not be enough, than we have more good news. Your Pro Series 7, just like the Series 3, comes with the same great Pass-Through smart battery technology that will you and especially people who spend lots of time driving or working on their laptops, use the Series 7 ecig even while its charging!
  • You can enhance your purchase above by adding more Platinum E-Liquids and Pro Series 7 E-Liquid cartridges. 1ml roughly equates to 13 sticks of tobacco cigarette.
  • Write a note to us during checkout for any Special Requests and we will contact you to confirm the request before fulfilling your order.
  • For a better understanding on the costs associated with using our electronic cigarette products, kindly click here to use our accurate Ecig Savings Calculator.


The Pro Series 7 Ecig Kit includes:

  • 1 unit Pro Series 7 Ecig Battery:  Gives the average smoker up to 1800 puffs (each puff lasting for 2 seconds) with its Ultra high-capacity 1800mAh Lithium-Ion battery. You can also change the temperature by adjusting the voltage (3.7V, 4.2V, 4.7V). 
  • 1 unit 2.5ml Magnetic Liquid Cartridge: Our key uniqueness, which will allow you to enjoy the best tasting e-liquids in the world, without leakages and NO messy coil or cotton maintenance. Refill and use up to 20 times, then simply throw the cartridge away and use a new one. Connects magnetically and gives a record 1250 2-second puffs per refill.
  • 1 unit Magnetic USB Charger: One of the coolest smart chargers on the market, it magnetically connects to the tip of your Pro Series 7 ecig battery and plugs into any compatible USB port.
  • 1 unit Pro Wall Adapter:  Reduces charge time dramatically relative to a laptop’s USB port.


Introducing the Pro Series 7 Ecig Kit

Additional Information

  • Our Platinum E-Liquid are not just pharmaceutical-grade in safety standards, but also great tasting and we surely have the flavour most suited for your cigarette brand and taste buds.
  • Our popular flavours include: Red (Strong Tobacco), Congress (Classic Tobacco), Menthol (Classic Menthol), Mint Tea (Strong Icy Coolness), and Grape (Rich & Delicious Fruitiness).
  • Pro Series 7 Ecigs are comprised of 3 primary components, the battery, the E-liquid and the refillable E-liquid cartridge. The E-liquid consists of water, safe for human consumption flavourings and propylene glycol which is used in asthma inhalers.
  • When you buy our Platinum E-Liquids, you can request for a detailed lab report done on your exact bottle to confirm the absence of dangerous poisons found in cheaper products. Click here for more details.
  • By investing in your Pro Series 7, you will get a very much still compact electronic cigarette with one of the longest battery life in the industry.
  • To use your e-cig, simply screw a Liquid Cartridge on to the end of the battery, fill it up with the Platinum E-liquid flavour of your choice, press the button and puff on it like you would a normal cigarette. The heating element will activate and produce inhalable vapour.
  • You will need to recharge your Pro Series ecig battery when the perimeter LED lights begin a set of white coloured double blinks that dim off gradually.
  • When the Pro Series 7 ecig battery is charging, you will see the perimeter LED lights intermittently glow red; turning green when the Series 7 is fully charged.


Tip: What flavors and strengths should you choose?

It’s important to find the right combination of flavors and strengths when you first begin using the Pro Series 7 Ecig. We suggest starting with a low strength first and only then to a full strength depending on your cigarette brand. Many people find the full flavor E-liquids to be too strong to start off with.

·         Introducing the Pro Series 7 Ecig Kit

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful


    Saya membeli S7 Baru-baru ini dan sejak itu saya tidak menyentuh mana-mana Ecigs saya yang lain. Pengalaman rasa yang sempurna. Wap dari ini adalah sangat sedap ( saya suka untuk memastikan ia dalam julat minimum). kartrij adalah lebih besar daripada S3. Ini memang upgrade yang sebenar kerana mereka berkata bateri tahan selama-lamanya , dan kemudahan pengecas USB magnet menjadikan ia begitu mudah untuk guna ecig saya semasa saya bekerja . Saya sangat mengesyorkan S7 kepada sesiapa sahaja di Malaysia , produk ini akan memuaskan anda dengan cara yang u wont berfikir tentang cuba produk lain yang pernah!

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Its worth it!

    I love this product . Been 1 year now of cigarettes. I cannot tahan the local vape products cause doesnt have that throat hit like a real ciggie. I ended up vaping and also smoking. But with S7, i instantly quit in 1 day all my Dunhill Merahs.... hmmm.. the cartridge lasts months la honestly so its a worth it investment overall.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Get one now . Glad we did!

    My wife and myself decided to quit smoking three weeks back and after doing all our research regarding safe E-Cigs , we Concluded on trying out this US FDA Compliant Ecig. Fortunately found it in Malaysia itself and guess what they have Next-Day DELIVERY!.....We ordered it immediately and it reached us the next day which was 27th of February. Since we started using it we hadn’t even given a thought about smoking again....this Product is soo SATISFACTORY! Now I’m not a person who gives reviews about products but this one really deserves it. So let me tell u the pros and cons of it.
    *The product looks so Amazing and it gives a good hit which any smoker will expect from an good E-Cig
    *The Cartridge is so big that i don’t ve to fill up frequently. And guess what there is no screw in technology....Its MAGNETIC!....Insert and it just clicks with the pen and ready to cool is that?!...One more thing i should say about the cartridge is “ yes , Its expensive. But it lasts 20 REFILLS..Hence people should also calculate about how much they would ve spent on cigarettes during that 20 refills time. I bet u will be shocked with the money uve saved up by using S7. You don’t ve to trust me, Just use the calculator thats there in this website itself to understand the money uve lost on cigarettes and also to realise how cost saving v2 will be once u buy it....ITS A ONE TIME INVESTMENT.
    *This company's E-Liquid Along with the S7 is the bomb. The Flavour and the effect is DIVINE!!
    *Regarding the battery...It Just lasts forever!!! I literally tried using it through out the day and it just lasted me until i got tired and gave up on testing its Performance.

    *Well , As i told ull earlier....This product is AMAzing la! Ive no negative comments on it . If u feel its expensive and don’t buy it...u are just missing out on a great simulation of tobacco smoking, unlike the sheesha simulation by China vapes. And.....Ull be spending a lot more on cigarettes and other E-Cig Products in search of right one and land up spending MORE.......

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Another Innovative Creation by this US Company!

    S7 is relatively Sleek,Stylish and Handy Compared to other full Sized tank systems minus all the messy maintenance that we are all too sick of these days.
    Overall Performance of S7 is Mind blowing. Its efficiency and Portability is perfect. Yes the cartridge is RM70, but it lasts for months for me. My monthly expenditure for Dunhill Red used to be RM500, now it is less than RM200. So its a super win for me!

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    High – End Imported ECigs at affordable Prices

    I’m just addicted to this company’s Products, they bring out stunning E-Cigs. It is expensive to look at but i would say that its definitely not in long run, Since it does its job Ideally. Do yourself a favour by buying this product and stop wasting your time by looking out for best Ecig because you found one already...

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