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Get Free Pharmaceutical Grade E-Liquids Forever

This Ecig business was founded and still operated by a group of Malaysian pharmacists and doctors after they saw how Ecigs transformed the lives of millions in the US and Europe. In the UK, Germany, France, US and many more first world countries, pharmaceutical-grade electronic cigarettes or Ecigs are legally sold and even encouraged my most of their governments who do not get influenced by the corrupt tobacco companies. 

To rapidly raise Malaysian awareness of the benefits of pharmaceutical-grade Ecigs versus local vapes or tobacco cigarettes, we launched the non-profit initiative of the Free E-Liquid Forever program where current customers will be rewarded with 1 x 25ml Platinum E-Liquid bottle of their flavour choice each time their friends & family purchases a Pro Series 3 Ecig Kit or 2 x 25ml each time they purchase a Pro Series 7 Ecig Kit. This offer can be redeemed an unlimited amount of time.

Simply inform our attentive customer care via live chat, direct call or email about the transaction and new user details and we will include your Free gift in your next purchase from us. It’s that simple!