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1) What is in the E-Liquid and vapour? Is it safe?
We only use products from the trusted US brand V2 who manufacture pharmaceutical-grade Ecigs that are US FDA compliant. They are one of the few companies who publish all e-liquid ingredients and also go a step further by providing unique batch reports for each e-liquid bottle produced. Our e-liquids may or may not contain nicotine but are comprised of 2 other primary ingredients: food grade flavourings and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (an US FDA approved food additive used in everything from cake mixes to asthma inhalers).Click here for a detailed ingredient list.
2) What is the cost of using the Platinum E-Liquid versus tobacco cigarettes?
With the latest price increase of tobacco cigarettes (approximately RM17-20), the Pro Series 3 costs about 50% less overall. Kindly use our accurate Ecig Savings Calculator for more info on this.
3) How long does a battery last?

The Pro Series 3 generally lasts more than a day for the average pack a day smoker. Our engineers work hard to fit in a strong 650maH battery into this slim body.

4) How long does the Pro Series 3 cartridge last?

A new generation of zero-maintenance leak-free design. Refillable up to 20 times, then simply discard and use a new unit. Up to 800 2-second long puffs per refill. Snaps tight magnetically with your Pro Series 3 Ecig Battery, thus avoiding any E-Liquid leakages.

5) How do I fill my Pro Series 3 cartridge?

Kindly unscrew the mouthpiece, fill the dropper with your Platinum E-liquid and carefully touch the circular hole (Do not refill into the hole in the center). Then press the dropper head, and your e-liquid will glide without leaking into the 1.6ml tank. Fill to 80% of the tank capacity and always refill once the tank hits 20% capacity to avoid burn out of the cartridge.

6) What is offered in the Loyalty Program?

Once you have purchased a kit from this website, and you refer in a customer to us, you automatically earn a 25ml E-liquid bottle of your chosen flavour. Just inform our attentive customer care team and we will add in your free gift on your next order. If our stock levels are low, we will back order this free gift until we have re-stocked again. 

7) When will I receive my order?

If you order before 5pm, you will receive your product the very next working day! This of course depends on Poslaju’s terms but historically, 99% of our parcels have reached problem-free the next working day.

8) How do I track my order status?

Click on the Track Your Shipment option at the bottom of this website, and key in the Poslaju track code that has been emailed to you after payment confirmation. Please note that tracking information will only be available after 8pm on the day of shipment.

9) What are the shipping rates and surcharges? (Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak?)

All purchases above RM100 will be entitled for free premium courier delivery with tracking code service. Orders made before 5pm from Monday-Saturday will be shipped out the very same day. Shipments will then reach the next working day (For most places in Malaysia, Poslaju is operational on Saturdays too, please check with your local Poslaju office for more info). Most shipments will reach in 1-2 working days after order placement. Further delays will need to be discussed with Poslaju Bhd. We will assist as much as we can. Shipping terms are "ex-works". Orders below RM100 will be charged RM15 for delivery. Rates are for both Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah & Sarawak.

10) What are the payment methods available?

We use Malaysia's most secure payment gateway, Ipay88. You can use all methods to pay us including credit card, paypal and all Malaysian banks.

11) How can I know if my payment was successful?

You will receive a Payment Confirmation receipt from Ipay88 as well as from this website. This will be your legal receipt.

12) What is an electronic cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a combustion-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Our electronic cigarettes are made of two parts: the battery and the flavor cartridge. A heating element (called an atomizer) located inside the cartridge heats the flavored e-liquid, transforming it to rich, smooth vapor.

13) How do I use an Ecig?

Kindly click on this detailed Pro Series 3 User manual for more info.

14) Who can use our products?

Only former smokers who are above the allowed smoking age in Malaysia (18 years above). We strictly do not sell to non-smokers.

15) Can I use my Ecig in places where smoking is banned?

No you can’t. The same rules apply to Ecigs.

16) Can I travel by flight with my Ecig?
Yes you can, but kindly switch off the Ecig by clicking 3 times on the button. It is best to keep your Ecig in the check-in luggage. Also certain countries have banned Ecigs like Singapore, please check before travelling.
17) What Platinum E-Liquid flavour is most similar to my tobacco cigarette brand?

Red - Popular with users of Dunhill Reds, Lucky Strike, Camel, and Marlboro Reds.

Congress – Popular with users of Dunhill Reds, Mild Seven and Dunhill Lights.

Menthol – All mentholated cigarette brands.

Green Tea Menthol – Extremely Cold Menthol brands.

Grape – For those who want a change and something nice and fruity.

18) Where can I get more product information?

Kindly contact our attentive customer care team at 0111-2454-006 via whatsapp, we chat, SMS and phone calls.

19) How can I cancel my order?

Kindly contact our customer care team.

20) Is international shipping allowed?

Yes, once order is confirmed, we will calculate and advise for further payment. We will help as much as we can for the necessary customer clearance procedures.

21) Where can I purchase these products?

From this website and our dealership network in KL and Sabah/Sarawak.

22) What is the US FDA’s position on Ecigs?

After years of research and political activism, the US FDA will begin controlling electronic cigarette products in 2016. Only a few Ecig companies will be allowed to sell in the US, perhaps around only 20, and V2 will be one of them as V2 has always been at the fore front of Ecig safety and is fully compliant with all the stringent requirements of the US FDA.

23) What are the laws about Ecigs in Malaysia?

While certain states has negative rulings on Ecigs, the Federal Government is currently planning to regulate and not ban Ecigs. The laws will be issued out in the latter part of 2016.