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Most US FDA Compliant brand

Our company was established in Malaysia on 2011 with a core objective to make available a safe pharmaceutical-grade harm reduction alternative for the Malaysian consumer to choose and hopefully better his or her life from the reduction to harmful tobacco smoke.  This product is 100% legally sold in the US under the US Tobacco Act under the close watch of the US FDA.

The founding team remains a principled non-profit oriented coalition of Malaysian pharmacists and doctors who themselves and persons they care for have truly benefited from this well-intended product that has for years surpassed all requirements set forth by the US Food and Drug Agency to allow the sale of electronic cigarettes for safe human consumption.

Being at the forefront of Ecig safety, they comprehensively test each batch of Platinum E-Liquids produced with independent lab tests. On every one of your Platinum E-Liquid bottle, there will be an expiry date and a unique 4 lettered code. Kindly go to the link below and use the search box to get our detailed Safety Test Report that will show the absence of harmful chemicals that may be found in local or China E-liquids. The most harmful chemicals are: Diethylene glycol, Nitrosamines, Phthalates (18 Items), Total Lead, and Soluble Heavy Elements. As a word of advice, never buy any E-Liquid that does not come with a Safety Test Report.

Much prior to the exciting announcement by the UK government in August 2015 that pharmaceutical-grade electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes and must be widely prescribed by National Health Service doctors to their patients, we have been educating and successfully converting Malaysian smokers to our quality products by the thousands per annum. Click here to read the original articles.

The US FDA had kept a close eye on the development of Ecigs in the USA and in 2015 declared that only pharmaceutical-grade electronic cigarettes can continue selling through 2016/2017. What this meant was companies had to spend millions of dollar to ensure manufacturing, ingredient sourcing and even packaging met a stringent set of international standards currently used by pharmaceutical companies. V2 is now at the forefront of electronic cigarette safety standards.

This company keeps surpassing its own high standards every year, in turn sealing the loyalty of thousands of Malaysians. See below on how they achieve this.

  • R&D is conducted under a single-roof in Florida by dedicated engineers
  • Strict standards and auditing processes on manufacturing facilities and even their vendors
  • Unprecedented transparency by providing actual Safety Test Reports for you
  • Obsessive focus on post-production quality. Anything below our high standards are not sold to the customer.
  • The US Consumer Products Safety Commission has certified all our Platinum E-Liquid bottles to be child-proof.

Did you know: large nationwide research proposal on Ecig safety and effectiveness in Malaysia is being studied by the Ministry of Health and our products have been chosen due to our high pharmaceutical-grade safety standards.