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Our Story

Malaysian tobacco cigarettes are well-known for their strong and intense flavour. Unfortunately, the reason why they are so good in taste is also the very same reason why they are so harmful. Malaysian tobacco cigarettes have the highest levels of nicotine and tar in the world! We do not know exactly why this is the case.

But this revelation worried one of the original co-founder, Mr. Giri who was a hospital pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. He along with many of his loved ones were chronic smokers and Mr. Giri decided enough was enough and set out to find a solution.

After tireless research and countless failed experimentations with pharmaceutical products, china or local vapes and even going cold turkey, the pharmaceutical-grade electronic cigarette, V2 Cigs was discovered. It was the perfect balance between safety and satisfaction and kits were immediately purchased for himself and his father.

The rest as they say, was history. Consumption of tobacco cigarettes drastically reduced to only 2 sticks from 20-40 sticks a day, stamina improved and a strong mission was born to spread this disruptive technology which has nearly bankrupted all the big tobacco players in the US, UK, Germany and most of Europe.

Recently, we have been facing some legal issues influenced by the Big Tobacco company lobbying and “gifts” to our politicians, but as in all progressive countries, we believe pharmaceutical-grade electronic cigarettes will prevail.

Start today and reset your life for the better.